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Vehicle Registry
for a State Traffic
and Transportation

Apla optimized the system to make vehicle registration safe, fast and easy.


State Traffic and
Transportation Authority


Apla developed a blockchain app for a State Traffic and Transportation Authority which is able to optimize public sector employee work and increase the speed of registering a vehicle by 20 times. Due to validation required from different authorities amount of paperwork, the system took up to 60 days to complete registration. However, our solution allows citizens to pay all of the necessary state charges when purchasing a vehicle in just one click, instantly handing the system the full set of documents required and providing the user with a unique number. As such, the whole registration process can now be significantly reduced.

The app is integrated with the Amazon Rekognition ID system and this eradicates any identification number conflicts, whilst also allowing the police to instantly identify drivers using a simple photograph they can take from a smartphone.

Our contributions

  • Strategy
  • Process workflow research
  • User research
  • Ecosystem development
  • Facial recognition system integration
  • National identification system integration
  • Software application architecture
  • Quality assurance
  • Testing
  • Technical documentation
  • Third party security audit
  • Fully-functional product (go live)


  • Document verification takes up to two months.
  • Vehicle owners spend additional funds on using intermediary agencies.
  • Cases of fraudulent behaviour on part of the intermediary agencies.
  • Documents can be falsified or lost.

All solved by one solution: Apla


  • Raise the quality of service offered during vehicle registration and increase road policing efficiency.
  • Reduce the vehicle registration time and make the service more accessible.
  • Eradicate fraudulent data and worker errors.

We developed a blockchain application for the issuance of vehicle registration numbers and identification of vehicle owners via facial recognition technology


Analyze the work specifications for required actions
Find a solution based on Apla’s blockchain platform
Analyze and select facial recognition technology: integrate with Amazon Rekognition
Develop the first VDE (virtual dedicated ecosystem) based on Apla private network
Create a working prototype
Test and verify
2 weeks
Validated by client


Seller photographs the buyer and enters the purchase details into a mobile app.

The purchaser’s identity is validated automatically via the Amazon Rekognition facial recognition system.

The information is sent to the transport department.

An appointed official registers the vehicle, issues the license plate and adds the data into the blockchain registry.

Police on the roads can instantly identify the vehicle and its owner by taking a photograph on a smartphone.

Vehicle registration steps

Before: 60 days

Receive a set of over 10 documents from the seller upon purchasing a vehicle.
Show that you are a resident of the country.
Receive a confirmation from the police that the vehicle has no criminal history.
Submit a set of documents to the regional transport officer.
Have the vehicle undergo inspection by the relevant authority.
Pay road tax and registration fees.
Receive a unique ID number and registration.

After: Instantaneous

Paperless process.
Pay for all services in one click.
Automatically submit all the requisite documents in electronic form.
Wait for approval.
Get unique number and registration.

Time reduced up to 95%

Additional opportunities

We analyzed 3 facial recognition systems and selected Amazon Rekognition

Our solution integrates easily with other facial recognition systems.

Our solution can be integrated with automatic vehicle recognition systems

This allows the police on the roads to instantly identify not only the vehicle owner, but also receive all of the corresponding information about the vehicle.

Vehicle registry for the Traffic and Transportation Authority is the first practical case where we have tested out one of our latest features: the creation of a virtual dedicated ecosystem, which can work outside of the blockchain platform and receive data from external web services. Everything went swimmingly: we were able to connect to the Amazon Rekognition via API and make use of the facial recognition technology to identify vehicle owners.

Alexander Boldachev
Apla System Analyst

Potential Outcome Following Implementation


reduction of time spent on vehicle registration


number of paper documents, down from 30 pages.

Drop in bureaucracy and optimization of state services meaning less resources spent.

Growth in vehicle owner satisfaction level.

Positive impact on the country in terms of a boost to its investment appeal.

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