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The client in Netherlands decided to use Apla's solution in pilot mode to collect public opinion and present it to the country's national parliament.


The client in Netherlands Netherlands


We developed an application that makes surveys and polls 100% reliable and much easier to conduct. The client in Netherlands used it to raise awareness about the benefits of implementing blockchain for facilitating dialogue between the citizens and the government. During the survey, thousands of citizens answered more than 100 important questions via their mobile phones. The result was presented at the national parliament as an evidence of blockchain's capability to establish a clear and transparent connection between citizens and their political leaders.

Our contributions

  • Strategy
  • Process workflow research
  • User research
  • Ecosystem development
  • Software application architecture
  • Quality assurance
  • Testing
  • Technical documentation
  • Third party security audit
  • Conducting the poll for thousands of citizens


The client in Netherlands advocates the idea of strengthening democracy via distributed ledger technology. Before the parliamentary elections they decided to spread awareness about the technology's benefits through organizing a huge public opinion survey. The leaders of the party opted to take advantage of Apla's blockchain solutions to reach this goal.

With Blockchain technology we can solve the problem of Kafka: bureaucracy. We can organize society in a smarter way. We've got lots of problems because of technology, and we'll solve them with technology

Arnoud Berghuis
Blockchain Party, co-founder


  • Lack of transparency during polls or surveys
  • Lack of trust amongst citizens towards research organizations

All solved by one solution: Apla


  • Ensure 100% transparent, non-falsifiable polling.
  • Allow citizens to take part in polls and surveys through their mobile phones or PC's.
  • Present the results in the most efficient and demonstrative way.

An application for conductiong polls and surveys with complete transparency


Create work specifications for required actions
Configure the settings for different question types
Make a working prototype of the application
Successfully launch the app
2 weeks
Validated by client


  1. Citizen installs the blockchain app and receives their unique private key.
  2. Citizen can take part in the survey online via smartphone or PC.
  3. Citizen answers more than 100 questions: both "yes/no" and open-ended.
  1. The citizen can examine the blockchain to verify that their vote was correctly recorded, and see the results at any time.
  2. Results are presented in the convenient form of diagrams.
  3. Data collected is accessible in a digital decentralized public ledger.


What we achieved




It takes time and money to create a mobile survey.


Every survey made on Apla worksautomatically in mobile version.


Attending polls often takes time, reducing the amount of citizens willing to take part.


User-friendly app allows to complete a poll injust a few clicks.


E-voting systems can't guarantee full security.


The app's use of cryptography makes it100% secure against manipulation.


People can't verify that their vote was correctly recorded.


Every votercan ensure their answers were counted and weren't modified in any way.


Surveys are often unreliable and opaque.


Surveys become a100% reliable, transparent and secure instrument of social research.

Future potential

The project code is partially implemented in the "Voting" basic application, available by default with every ecosystem. It is suitable for all types of voting: from social research to presidential elections.

Potential outcome following implementation

Competitive advantage for the Blockchain Party: more loyalty among people who support the idea of a credible and transparent form of online citizen participation.

100% transparent and reliable data about people's political beliefs and voting habits for scientific research.

Increased trust, citizen engagement and government accountability.


The application was successfully implemented for conducting a poll and presenting its results in the national parliament of the Netherlands

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