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Drive competitive advantage in the digital age

Digital transformation helps organization become more productive. Blockchain enables organizations to operate in more secure, transparent and trusting environment.

Examples of services for businesses

Supply chain

Precise location tracking and reliable identification of freight in addition to rapid integration of new contractors.

Asset registration

Eradication of corruption and fraudulent practices. Increased efficiency with paperless data.

Certificate validation

Simple and reliable verification of qualifications and attestations making misrepresentation impossible.

Data management

Smart data storage and access rights management within a distributed but unified database for increased security.

Contract administration

Smart contracts automate contract management between counterparties to bring increased reliability and disintermediation.

Аsset tokenization

Real world assets placed on the blockchain which offer easy subdivision and simplified transfers of assets.


Simplified compliance which provides full and immutable records that fit within existing regulatory requirements.

Reward management

Real transparency and trust to loyalty programs which will increase overall participation.

Why should you use blockchain?


Blockchain-based solutions optimize the business structure as a whole, accelerating transaction speed to a supersonic level. For example, verification and approval of documentation for international shipping would earlier take several months; now this is down to just a few minutes.

Reduced risk & expenditure

Blockchain applications replace complete departments that are concerned only with forwarding and signing paperwork. Moreover, errors are brought down to zero.


Blockchain brings about trust since all operations within the ledger are open for inspection, while contract execution is clear and obligatory.

Key Benefits of the Apla Blockchain

Smart Laws

Smart Law is a governing protocol over the application ecosystems.

Government Ecosystems

Create a unified Government Platform with all individual departments / ministries maintaining their application ecosystem.

Rapid development

By far the lowest time & cost of testing cases and deploying with APLA Rapid Dev Environment.


With Open Source Codes and Easy to build platform, no need for a million dollar application environment makeover.

Interface editor

The only platform with interface designer on the blockchain making it very secure.


Ease of use from desktop or any Android iOS devices.

Blockchain evolution

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