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Simple and Compliant Blockchain Solutions for Building Government & Business Ecosystems

Apla Key Features

Smart laws

A Governing Protocol over the application Ecosystem.

Flexible access rights

Multi-level system for access rights management to data, interfaces and smart contracts, allowing for full control of how the applications work.

Rapid application development

Applications can be created and implemented within a couple of weeks.

Fast transactions

A maximum output capacity and potential boost to performance speed of up to 10,000 times, which corresponds to fintech and IT industry standards transaction speed.


Apla architecture is built around the concept of simplicity. The clients’ needs are also adapted to depending on how different devices work, taking into account individual characteristics and requirements.

Create Ecosystems not just a stand-alone application

Ecosystems application framework truly unlocks the industrial 4.0 potentials. Build application ecosystem with Apla not just an independent application.

Blockchain as the upcoming Technology infrastructure

Blockchain is the Inevitable Technology Infrastructure of the near future, embrace it!

  • Secure business & application network
  • Transparency of activities for all stakeholders
  • Immutability and Finality of data recorded to the blockchain
  • Automation of activities and operations using Smart Contracts
  • Machine to Machine Infrastructure

Get the most out of blockchain

We collaborate with clients to identify areas of growth, match business processes with technology features, carefully select use cases for digital transformation, educate client teams, execute blockchain solutions and provide proactive support:


Helping you define potential areas which can be optimized

Research & Development

Matching your needs with the right technology stack


Validating initial ideas


Creating a customized, user-friendly blockchain solution for client needs


Providing the client’s team with in-depth understanding of the solution


Maintaining a healthy blockchain ecosystem, coupled with constant R&D


For Government

Government services of the future will be digital. e-Government on the blockchain increases a country’s Foreign Direct Investment rating, leading to a rise in citizens’ feeling of wellbeing.


For Business

In competitive markets with complex business processes, the winner is the one who is able to inspire trust through transparency amongst their partners.

Trusted enterprise partner

What our clients say?

Niyi Ayoola-Daniels

International Institute for Petroleum, Energy Law and Policy, Nigeria

As a solution designed specifically for government, Apla offers unparalleled scalability and strategic implementation across different verticals. Identifying key government sectors and focusing on high-impact areas like education, the Apla team brings to the table an understanding of economic opportunities that blockchain adoption can unlock globally.

Dr. Fernando Wangila

Deputy Director (Head of ICT and Innovation)
National Transport and Safety Authority, Kenya

Apla is a unique platform with rapid application development capabilities that allow organizations to adopt blockchain in record time. What's interesting is the transition from government applications to a government ecosystem model.

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